Eat Your Way To A More Productive You

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We’ve known for some time now that what we eat generally makes us to an extent what we are. Every human being is a biological system that is built and maintained by the basic types of fuel that we allow into our systems. We are unlike a mechanical machine though that has no say in the fuel that’s dumped into it. We all have a choice in the nutrition that we partake in. The…

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X-citing Benefits

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For the next 26 days (at least) it is my intent to review, foods, vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, etc. that are the ideal of health and nutrition for each letter of the alphabetical. And since I have OCD tendencies and like to shake things up a bit; we’re going backwards so they’ll be in alphabetical order as we scroll down the blog – bear with my…

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Peanut Butter Protein Balls

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I love protein, and am especially all about while pregnant and nursing. Peanut Butter Protein Balls are the perfect snack for in-between meals or breastfeeding. Not only am I a fan of this delightful treat but so is my husband, which makes these that much better! Check out the scrumptious recipe below!


1 ½ c Jay Robb Chocolate Whey…

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Some numbers are so big that they defy comprehension. So just in case you’ve ever wondered to yourself ‘What does it look like when 8 million flower petals fall on a Costa Rican village?’ Thanks to Sony, who launched a spectacular volley of 3.5 tons of colorful petals to create a promo for their new Ultra HD TVs, now we know. It looks awesome. It looks like a scene from a fairytale or a glimpse into someone’s beautiful dream.

"Organised by international advertising agency McCann, the idea was to cover the area near the Irazú Volcano – located in central Costa Rica – with a flower petal for every pixel in Sony’s 4K Ultra HD TV. McCann enlisted photographer Nick Meek and filmmaker Jaron Albertin to capture the colourful explosion.”

Visit Yellowtrace to watch the actual video and then click here for Sony’s behind-the-scenes video to learn how they did it using almost no digital trickery.

[via Yellowtrace]